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my web 2.0 class @ FSU

Hello anyone!

my prior experiences with web 2.0 technologies entail a mix of things: making/creating vector and bitmap images and design work, creating/updating webpages, then on to myspace, blogging, facebooking, diig, wiki fun here and there, and just a lot of other stuff that i forget right now. i was a graphic designer for a few years (degree received in 2000) and started that journey real close to when i became a web user which was around '98. i like to immerse myself right into something, and computers had always been fascinating to me. the internet was just freaking incredible when it was hitting the world! haha. but really. i sold stuff on eBay, downloaded mp3's from napster with the best of them! file sharing and making personal cd's was seriously beyond cool. file compression, hello! but i digress.

honestly, i'd say just email alone has been the most key used technology in my life so far. boring but certainly 'extra-ordinarily' true. i've kept a personal blog as a journal, consistently inconsistent, haha, since 2004. sometimes i copy letters i've written to friends into it, since that often is that much more an authentic picture of who i am. over the years, i've been increasingly tied into my technology, although i try hard to maintain a balance. being in school for so long has really been a motivating factor in my personal exploration, as well as exposed me to things i might not have experienced or at the least taken longer to find on my own. which is really what it's all about. i'd consider myself in the leader category, but more of a guide per se. why? i've discovered my exuberance for things technical can be a turn off to people, or can contribute to their own reasons for why they are not interested in learning. Not that I can control that, but I've learned that just leading by example is more the way to roll. Meaning, use stuff. Talk about it. Try and relate it to everyday use. Don't have to be an obsessive tech-fiend. it's certainly not healthy for you or anyone, and who really cares?

p.s. the thing i hope to get out of this class is just more experience in using web 2.0 interactivity. i’m digging that it’s embedded in our class so relevancy factor check, but also it’s so much a part of my life i’m thrilled to get to join the two. and to further blur those lines between learning, life, and work.


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hi, i like your blog!

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