megan avery and….

my web 2.0 class @ FSU

audience response technology

i’ve been an intern for the past couple of months with this company that specializes in audience response technology and have been slowly paying more attention to the resources on their website….this week i finely signed up for an account so that i can actually post in their forum….shame on me, i know, but honestly i’ve been looking for more resources outside of their site just in the interest of ‘more authenticity’ AND i’ve been slightly negative since their community frankly doesn’t have much going on. i see the hypocrisy in that for sure, so it’s time for me to contribute instead of take….

i also found an article that’d i’d overlooked…it’s a case study on the same technology in a college classroom:



  Mike Arnold wrote @

I like the look and feel of your website!

  fancypants19 wrote @

Thanks, Mike! I liked the content on yours, and will definitely keep going back, so thanks!

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