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quora fun

okay so i signed up for a quora account awhile ago, maybe half a year, and haven’t gone back! if you don’t already know, quora is a place to go to ask questions and get advice from others in whatever area of interest you may have….call it a discussion board or community of practice….anyway, i went looking for any info on instructional design and found some cool resources….here’s the site:

and what i found was a group under ‘instructional design’ with all kinds of questions relative to my needs. like this sweet blog on elearning with an article titled ‘finding your place in instructional design’ that carefully delineated the various paths i could take in our field. this is the most comprehensive list i’ve found so far and it’s clarified a few misty areas for me….very cool.



  Elsa Collins wrote @

Thank you for this post! I’ve never heard of quora, so this was a fun new thing for me to learn!

  fancypants19 wrote @

Oh yay! Thanks for the comment too! Please forgive my tardiness in responding!

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