megan avery and….

my web 2.0 class @ FSU

fragmented thoughts on last week of class

-so much left to do, so little time…
-plan on going back and reading more classmate blogs at the break….
-one major change i will make to my internship is cool but probably pointless….was asked to ‘make a blog’ for use here at our COE but that’s a paradox…..blogs most are because people move away from formal spaces to informal….so many reasons but anonymity is likely a major cause as also is non-compulsion i’m sure….if there’s one thing i’ve learned here at fsu, it’s that you can’t ‘make’ communities of practice. they happen out of choice and not by compulsion. much like paths that occur naturally….you can get the ball rolling, but you’ll be pushing it probably for a long time if not forever. so you better like pushing that ball! a party of one should be your realistic goal at the outset….otherwise you expectations are likely too high. when i say ‘you’ i’m thinking of ‘me’ or anyone in a roll of knowledge-management for whatever business. really just you. leading by example….so i’ll ‘make’ this blog, because i’m asked from my boss, but i will take it out of bb and make it as ‘anonymous’ possible….and i will ‘sell it’ that way….i wonder how others in my position handle things….


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  Anch wrote @

Hey Megan,
So what is the blog for anyway? Do they have a good reason? Is there anything missing from the daily routine that may need online platform?

Guess, you may just have to do what you are told at this point…

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