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so i’ve had a rather lackluster history with twitter. to illustrate, i just noticed my friends tweet from june 22, ‘hey megan, your twitter account has been gathering cobwebs.’ haha. so i went exploring again to see if i could find some more people/orgs i care to follow, and just generally get my mojo back. i started with #hashtags and @symbols in messages, like ‘what in the heck are those?’ and had a great time figuring it out. so that was a whole new dimension and utility of twitter that frankly applied some much needed value. 😉

i just used the help function of twitter, which also lead me to a site that aggregates the most often used ones. but to be clear, it’s yet another way to tag or organize information in tweets. you just place a word after a ‘#’ symbol that you’d use to describe the content in the tweet. i found someone did that for out class too, such as, #eme6414. so this just helps you sift and find relevant information.

also, at another time, i stumbled upon a webinar titled, ‘Harness the Power of Twitter without Being Overwhelmed’ which just happened to be today, so i participated. it was awesome. totally got loads of information on how to organize things. this will be archived too, so it can be viewed anytime. i subscribe, so i get emails regarding a host of other sessions from them.


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  Tami wrote @

You found the “hashtags” function in Twitter! It is very useful.

Happy to see you find new things from exploring Web 2.0 technology. 🙂

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