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Derek Bruff – Connecting with Participatory Culture

Okay, so this presentation is one I really enjoyed. It highlights many ways we can engage our learners in our ‘participatory culture’ and is drawn from his research. He uses audience response technology, via clickers, and teaches wise ways to form questions for discussions in a group setting. Plus, he models these or has the group participate, so the message is even more illustrated. I especially liked how he brings in twittering from random students who have used clickers in the classroom to highlight major points…



  Vanessa wrote @

I’ve only used clickers as a participant (at a planetarium and at a museum). I found them to be a novelty (for a few minutes) and then got bored. I don’t have any desire to teach with them, and my classes are small anyway, but I’m somewhat intrigued by them.

I don’t have time to watch this presentation right now, but I’ve marked it on my iPad for later. Thanks for sharing it!

  fancypants19 wrote @

Oh sure! Thanks for the comment!

  Anch wrote @

Megan… thanks for the video. That is pretty interesting. I watched only the first 10 min of it. I have no clue what “clicker” is. Do you have a photo of it? Or perhaps I should just google it — 🙂

  fancypants19 wrote @

anchalee! a clicker is just a little handheld device that a student/learner is given and that allows them to input an answer….there’s several different kinds, the one that this dude espouses is the best (Turning Technologies) here’s a pic from their website…..

  Vanessa wrote @

Anch – clickers are handheld polling devices. Ask a class a closed response question, get responses via clicker.

  Sophie wrote @

very interesting post and Iam going to watch the clip later today. Just like Megan, I didnt know what a clicker is and just “learned” in an informal way what is behind this tool. Thanks Web 2.0:)
I felt like clicker is similar to twittering with the only difference that the teacher can actually gather information from the whole class in real time. hmm, Iam wondering for what kind of context that would be usefull as I try to engage studetns (even with 200people classes) in just raising a sheet of paper to indicate a specific answer. I mean the main point is to get students engaged in the classroom time, as this will facilitate learning. Now with 200 people its hard to do that but I dont see how “clicker” is helping to get rid of this problem better than just regular “sheet raising” activities, but maybe the clip will tell me differently!

  fancypants19 wrote @


there’s so much to the clicker! for sure watch the video. this is my job, actually, at the COE, so i can give you lots of reasons for why these are a great tool! (for one, anonymity is more likely to elicit responses and then discussion). there are 2 videos here, and both are excellent……enjoy!

  fancypants19 wrote @

by the way, he’s using ‘Prezi’ software instead of PowerPoint, hooray!!!

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