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okay, so i could have sworn i posted this, but i must have dreamed it. no comments about how that’s a sign of mental illness, please 😉 i have no idea how i stumbled upon this, but you might find it useful. it’s a list of free webinars on a range of educational technology subjects and i keep finding goodies….such as one i participated in about how to simplify your use of twitter (which rocked, btw.)

here’s a blog on the web 2.0 classroom and from that rockin’ presenter, steven anderson:



  Vanessa wrote @

I frequently (and sadly) think I’ve posted something, replied to something, etc. only to discover that I haven’t. Probably a byproduct of digital age multitasking. And getting older 😉

  megan wrote @

haha. 🙂 i’m also experiencing some other phenomenon. was walking down the street the other night, and a peripheral thought flickered ‘it’s really dark’ and then ‘why aren’t your headlights on?’ came next.

  Brian Diner wrote @


Thanks for the link. I am going to attend the Web Tool Smackdown. I just wish it was happening during this class. It would have been perfect. Thanks again.

  megan wrote @

oh sure, brian! i’m so glad you found it useful!

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