megan avery and….

my web 2.0 class @ FSU

qr codes are so cool!

so i’ve noticed these things popping up all over i see them in magazine ads…and i’ve been wondering what exactly they are….

i just happened to find some info from the web 2.0 blog i mentioned in my last post. so i read that and played around and went looking for more info. so fascinating! and then i made my own (see the above qr code!) if you already know, then scan it and see what happens. basically they are bar codes on steroids. with a regular bar code, you scan and get a price on something. with qr codes (quick response), you scan and you get url’s, sms, phone numbers, or even just text (and there’s more options). so, in addition to getting some bit of info from somewhere, you can make your own. there’s also a video he posted that shows a bunch of ways students at a high school are using them. read his post, watch the videos, i’d love to hear what ya’all think. i love them because for one they got my attention and were fun to figure out. and they link the physical world with the digital and the possibilities go on and on. yay for yet another web 2.0 application!


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