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my web 2.0 class @ FSU

discussion tool searches

so i had a bit of fun today in researching discussion tools for my paper. i used to see if anyone had asked related questions. they had, and so from there i found a website called ‘tanglerlive’ that is supposed to be quick and fast discussion set up, with the ability to add images/videos/links, sessions are archived and can be deleted whenever, and ‘joining’ the conversation means you don’t have to do any registering, yay! so then i went and checked it out. joined a conversation on google+. snooped around, set up my own account so if i want to generate a discussion i can. seems fairly straightforward. if i did want to join or read a specific conversation, there’s no search feature for that that i can see, which is weird since they allow hashtagging when starting your conversation. and so it’s limited to a certain set of predetermined categories. hm-m-m….off to check out tangler instead (i noticed them bookmarked in diigo).


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