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my web 2.0 class @ FSU

mini response to clay shirky book ‘here comes everybody’ (probably my biggest geeky post yet)

there is just too much going on in my life. i really appreciate the chance to write things out and contemplate. this book was seriously engrossing. and such complete fun to read. i need to write to this man and just say ‘thanks!’ some big things i will take away are for one, something i already know, and that is how key storytelling is to keeping attention. every chapter opens with a story, and then other stories are elegantly woven into the points he is making. so this was a real delight and very motivating to read.

another thing, each story i will not forget. and i can certainly use them and apply in other situations as i move through life. so, to repeat, story telling is a learning tool that we all love that can be integral to retaining information. i need to read this book all over again!

and then his points. probably my biggest takeaway is that people need to care about ‘it’ and then each other, for any kind of worthwhile collective effort to continue. if you are trying to create some kind of produser environment, gotta keep this deeply complex principle in mind and then design to align! i tried to with what i made last week. time will tell i reckon. btw, here’s the assignment:


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