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my web 2.0 class @ FSU

free ≠ crap (for once)

okay so i just did some searching to find this little jewel. it’s a free WEB-BASED service for video-conferencing, and desktop sharing, and interactive whiteboard using fun. i’ve learned (you too probably) that most of these’free’ offers aren’t so much when you look deeper. they usually have limits and such to what you can have access too. and usually the free stuff is junk. not so here. in terms of size needed, in my experience, groups of 4 or less have been ideal for collaboration. So services that offer all of this functionality for free at less than 10 people are seriously fine with me! way to go vyew. check it out:


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  Vanessa wrote @

Do you recall that commercial (for vitamins or something like that) with the old woman who said “They’re giving it away for free??? It must be good!”

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