megan avery and….

my web 2.0 class @ FSU

week 5 question…

“how do issues such as authorship, copyright and open access impact your desire, ability and willingness to engage in produsage, both personally and professionaly?”

this is a huge question. so i’ll start out small: on the levels that matter, more especially the issue of ‘open access’, i find that they’re what drive me to engage at all. how fortunate i have been to find needed information, only costing my time, and to talk/share ideas with others, in various produsage environments. that’s frankly the understatement of the year, since there is so much more that i have yet to explore, do and apply. so i find it rather hypocritical to not engage/give back, considering how helpful the work of others have been. there’s so much out there, if we just look for it. and there’s so much that we can do, to give back, however small. ‘by small and simple things, are great things brought to pass’.

frankly, copyright can bog things down, which just means less time to do something and therefore inclination. however the trade-off, in terms of things learned from an object, and then the application to whatever you’re doing and how that changes, is just too great to not spend the time. if you think about it, everything we do is borrowed ideas and actions from someone else, only you most likely don’t remember how it got in your head. 🙂 so is anything, even your thoughts, really authentic anyway? we have debts to pay, it’s really not that complicated. when it comes to our responsibility, that is. 😉


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