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second life in review, well, kinda

so i checked it out. poked around, watched a few videos. have been meaning to for quite some time. i’m like that feet dragging kid who hates camp on the way to the bus. that will take them to 5-star camp wolahi. i’m not a gamer, have no desire to devote more of precious life to activities that involve more of me ingesting my computer. sure it’s fun for lots of people, but i’m not really interested since i’m already interested in so much else! does that make sense?

can anyone give me an educational purpose? one that is unique to second life? right off the bat i don’t like creating a fake image of myself. why did everyone have to be model thin? that’s not cool, nor very interesting. that took me WAY too much time in reflection. do i want her, or her, or even him? ha ha. but seriously, ‘just pick someone!’ you say, ‘you can adjust your avatar later’. alright, but then i have to figure out how to do that. and other things like walk in 3d and fly? why? there’s just way too much that has to be figured out. i’m sure it’s fun, but i don’t have time for that. or rather, i don’t want to detract from the 1st life i already live.

-sigh-maybe i’ll try again over the break. when life is less crazy, if that’s not a mirage.